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Bird list for BOGS walk at Stewart Pond, Thurs. 01-09-20, 9:10am. - 11am.
Weather, 01-09-20: Cloudy, 37 - 41 degrees.
Leader: Steve Barron.
-compiled by Janet Naylor

Bird list: In Order of Appearance:

  1. Canada goose
  2. Cackling goose
  3. Ringed-necked duck
  4. American wigeon
  5. Mallard
  6. Green-winged teal
  1. Northern shoveler
  2. Hooded merganser
  3. Double-crested cormorant
  4. Red-tailed hawk
  5. American kestrel
  6. Wilson's snipe
  7. Gull (sp)
  8. Mourning dove
  9. Northern flicker
  10. Black phoebe
  1. California (Scrub) jay
  2. Black-capped chickadee
  3. Bewick's Wren (heard)
  4. Varied thrush
  5. American robin
  6. European starling
  7. Golden-crowned sparrow
  8. Dark-eyed junco
  9. Red-winged blackbird
  10. Western meadowlark

Several of us saw a Black phoebe flycatching from low shrubs over a pool of water on the path that runs along the south side of the creek, a bit west of where we turned south to walk back. 5 meadowlarks, all in the same tree.

  • 1 Red-tailed hawk, sitting in a tree, wings half stretched out like a turkey vulture.
  • 3 snipe, flying, then they landed. They let a few of us get to 50 feet away then flew again. Completely camouflaged in the 5 to 6 inch high grass.
  • A small skein of 8 then 4 Canada geese flying, followed by a skein of approx. 50 Cackling geese.
  • Later in the morning a skein of 4 or 5 Canada geese flying, also followed by a skein of approx. 30 Cackling geese. Not statistically significant, but it makes one wonder if there is an advantage for the Cacklers in doing this.

Most Common Birds:
Cackling geese (flying), then starlings (flying).

Not seen today:
Killdeer, Song sparrow, American crow.

DARK BROWN background