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Recent sightings of rare and everyday birds
seen in our area

There are a number of widgets below. The first two widgets show RARE BIRDS. .

  1. The upper one is for REGIONAL RARITIES, within about 40 miles of Eugene.
  2. The lower one lists STATEWIDE RARITIES

One of the best features of these two widgets is that they show reported rare birds even if those reports have not yet been approved by expert eBird reviewers. Thus, the reports can be as fresh as the latest checklist data submitted from the field - which could literally be only a few minutes before you loaded this page.

ADDITIONAL WIDGETS are located further down this page. Those cover various regions around the Southern Willamette Valley and several along the central Oregon Coast. These are great if you are planning to go to the coast and want to know what birds have been seen most recently. These widgets list ALL bird sightings reported to and approved by eBird reviewers. The regions are described at the top of each widget. All of them are set to provide the most recent two weeks of reports.


  1. Clicking on the location name gives you a list of all birds reported (not just rarities) at that LOCATION during the two or four weeks.
  2. Clicking on a bird species name will show all reports of that SPECIES at any locations within the circle during the time window of the widget.


The next two widgets cover the most recent two weeks of sightings in the Southern Willamette Valley

  1. A circle of 30 mile radius around the Eugene area and includes Eugene, Springfield, Monroe, Halsey, Pleasant Hill, Cottage Grove and Dexter.
  2. Another circle is centered near Finley Wildlife Refuge and is 15 miles in radius. This includes Southern Linn county and Benton county sightings in Albany, Corvallis, Finley Refuge, Tangent and Shedd.

Further down the page are widgets covering the last two weeks for Florence, Yachats, Waldport and Newport.


NOTE: A bird species is only listed ONCE in any of these lists. The most recent sighting is listed. To see ALL reports of that species, click on the bird species name. That will show all sightings no matter where or when they occured in the region covered by that widget. To return to the default listing, refresh the browser page.

Observer name, map & full checklist:
Click on the + sign at the far right of any entry to see a little box showing the name of the observer, date, icons which if clicked, take you to a map of the location of the sighting and an icon which takes you to the full checklist of birds submitted by the observer.

Click on any location name next to a bird species to see the all species reported at that location over the entire time period, even if several observers are involved.

Remember to REFRESH THE PAGE to begin with a fresh widget, or with your mouse inside the widget right-click and select "RELOAD"

Eugene area: Sightings within a 30 mile radius circle enclosing Eugene, Springfield, Monroe, Halsey, Pleasant Hill, Cottage Grove, Dexter in the last two weeks

Southern Linn county and Benton county sightings within an approximately 15 mile radius circle enclosing Albany, Corvallis, Finley Refuge, Tangent, Shedd in the last two weeks

Florence 4 mile radius, sightings in the last two weeks

Yachats, 4 mile radius,Southern Linn county sightings in the last two weeks

Waldport, 6 mile radius circle centered at 44.467000, -124.081895, extending North to Ona Beach (beyond Seal Rock) and South to Wakonda Beach (near Smelt Sands St Park) sightings in the last two weeks

Newport, 10 mile radius, extends to North end Depoe Bay, South to Seal Rock, sightings in the last two weeks

DARK BROWN background
DARK BROWN background