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Bird list for BOGS walk at Quartz Park
Thursday, Sept. 23, 9am. - 12noon.
Weather: Partly sunny. 57 degrees to 64 degrees.
Leaders: Donna Albino and Betsy Huffsmith.

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Location: We will meet at Quartz Park in Springfield which is at S. 60th St. and Quartz Avenue.

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From Eugene/Springfield: Go east on 105 all the way and straight past the big intersection at Main Street and Bob Straub Parkway. Go past one stop light. Turn left onto Mt. Vernon Road where there are stoplights but they are covered up. Turn right on S. 59th St., then turn right on S. 60th St. all the way until it dead ends at Quartz Park (S. 60th and Quartz Avenue).
Please park in the lot to the left of the playground. There is also parking on S. 60th St. There is an oversized Porta Potty near the playground.

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1. Please make a continuous conscious effort to stand 6ft from others especially when talking to each other.
2. We suggest that the group separate down to groups of 2 or 3 and walk some distance behind those in front of you.
Two-way radios will be available so information can be relayed to others when especially interesting or uncommon birds are seen or heard." Per Doris and Betsy's 09-20-21 e-mail

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Where we walked today:
We walked on an old Weyerhaeuser logging road that is paved and mostly flat.

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Bird list

  1. Great blue heron
  2. Turkey vulture
  3. Red-tailed hawk
  4. American kestrel
  5. Eurasian collared dove
  6. Mourning dove
  7. Anna's hummingbird
  8. Downy woodpecker, male
  9. Red-breasted sapsucker
  10. Northern flicker
  11. Scrub jay
  1. Steller's jay
  2. American crow
  3. Black-capped chickadee
  4. Bush tit
  5. White-breasted nuthatch
  6. Bewick's wren - heard only.
  7. American robin
  8. Wren tit - heard only.
  9. European starling
  1. Cedar waxwing
  2. Western tanager - heard only.
  3. Spotted towhee
  4. Fox sparrow - heard only.
  5. Golden-crowned sparrow
  6. Song sparrow
  7. Sparrow (? species)
  8. Red-winged blackbird
  9. Purple finch
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Most common birds today:
Red-winged blackbird (125);
Next most common: Cedar waxwing (52).

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Not birds:
Gopher snake (small, probably first-year)

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Highlights and of Interest:

  • Seeing about 125 Red-winged blackbirds on wires, in trees, and on roofs, at N side of Quartz Park.
  • Several people hearing a Golden-crowned sparrow. Whistle descending, then a lower whistle descending.
  • Seeing 2 Spotted towhees chasing each other.
  • Hearing some wren tits: Just the 1st 1/2 of call 8 or 9 notes, not the speed up bit of the bouncing ball. A few minutes later we heard the Wren tit's buzzy alarm call.
  • Seeing a small gopher snake on the way back. Skinny, 11 to 12 inches long, pale creamy beige with rows of separated squarish blackish spots.

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