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Bird list for BOGS walk at Mt. Pisgah arboretum
Thurs. 05-13-21, 9:00am. - 11:40am
Weather: Sunny, warm, calm. 56 to 69deg.
Leader: Steve Barron

Directions: Mt. Pisgah Arboretum. Take Seavy Loop from Franklin Blvd, to the Arboretum entrance at the end of the road. Plan to park in the main parking lot which requires a parking pass. There is a kiosk on site which accepts debit or credit cards or you can get 1 year passes at Bi-Mart, the County Park Office, etc. Steve plans to keep this walk on the lower level paths.

Where we walked:
From the parking lot, we walked S past the caretaker's house on the right, took a short path to R to the river, then S on the path on the flat, close to the E side of the river, through the large open meadow with the giant snag in the middle of the meadow, plus a smallish quonset hut at SSW. A bit south of that meadow, we turned left (east), and climbed up on a grass path about 200 feet to join a horizontal gravel path paralleling the lower river path. We went left (north) on this path, and walked back to the event building and caretaker's house area, then back to the parking lot.

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Bird list:

  1. Mallard duck
  2. Turkey vulture
  3. Red-tailed hawk
  4. American kestrel
  5. Mourning dove
  6. Belted kingfisher
  7. Downy woodpecker
  8. Red-shafted flicker
  9. Western wood peewee
  10. California scrub jay
  11. Steller's jay
  12. Common raven
  1. Barn swallow
  2. Tree swallow
  3. Violet-green swallow
  4. Black-capped chickadee (heard only)
  5. Red-breasted nuthatch (heard only)
  6. Brown creeper (heard only)
  7. Bewick's wren (heard only)
  8. Swainson's thrush
  9. American robin
  10. European starling
  1. Cedar waxwing
  2. Orange-crowned warbler (heard only)
  3. Common yellowthroat
  4. Western tanager
  5. Spotted towhee
  6. Song sparrow
  7. Dark-eyed junco
  8. Black-headed grosbeak
  9. Lazuli bunting (heard only)
  10. Brown-headed cowbird
  11. Bullock's oriole
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Of interest:
Most common birds today:
Black-headed grosbeaks.

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  • Kestrels and starlings: Seeing 2 kestrels plus 2 starlings all hanging out at the same time on the very large snag in the middle of the large open meadow by the river, about 1/4 mile south of the caretaker's building. Both species were going in and out of some holes in the snag.
  • Black-headed grosbeaks: Hearing them everywhere we went today, and seeing 4 of them. Also hearing the grosbeaks' song, and a "pik" from one of them. At least 16 were heard today.
  • Tanagers: Seeing 2 male Western tanagers fighting over a female tanager, in a tree.
  • Steller's jays: Hearing several Steller's jays yelling a lot, probably at an intruder, all except one hidden in a willow thicket by the river.
  • Seeing and hearing a Western wood peewee doing its "Pree-ih" call, with pitch falling on the last syllable
  • Seeing a bushtit's nest.
  • Hearing a possible Steller's jay imitating a red-tailed hawk.
  • Tanagers: Seeing 2 male Western tanagers fighting over a female tanager, in a tree.

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Of Interest; "Anti-Highlights"
NO Bullock's orioles' nests or orioles hanging around in the low branches, of the oaks just S of the events building and SSE of the restroom and caretaker's house. They've nested there some years. It might be a bit early.
(Priscilla adds: It was June 18 in 2018 that we saw several Bullock's Oriole nests with active feeding taking place, so we might indeed be a little too early).

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