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Bird list for BOGS walk, Heron Park,
Friday, 04-29-22; 9:00am - 11:15am.
Leader: Steve Barron.
Weather: Cloudy, 49 to 54deg.

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LOCATION: Meet at Heron Park (called Heron Playground on Google maps.)
Heron Park is located at the intersection of Aspen and West D in Springfield.

Directions from Eugene:
From Coburg Rd., go E on Martin Luther King Blvd., towards Springfield.
Go past Autzen Stadium, go over I-5. Two more blocks, then R at a light onto Aspen St.
Go S on Aspen to just S of where it meets D St. Park there.

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Where we walked today:
From Aspen and D Sts., we walked south to the river, then W on paths along the N side of the river to the first boat landing, then further W under the I-5 bridge, walked around the creek area just W of the I-5 bridge then a little S to the Knickerbocker Bicycle Bridge to see Cliff swallows. Then we walked back E along the paths to Aspen St.

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Bird list

  1. Canada goose
  2. Wood duck
  3. Mallard
  4. Bufflehead
  5. Common merganser
  6. Double-crested cormorant
  7. Great blue heron
  8. Turkey vulture
  9. Osprey
  10. Red-tailed hawk
  11. Pigeon, domestic
  12. Vaux's swift
  13. Anna's hummingbird
  1. Hairy woodpecker
  2. Red-breasted sapsucker
  3. Northern flicker
  4. Hutton's vireo
  5. Steller's jay
  6. Cliff swallow
  7. Tree swallow
  8. Black-capped chickadee
  9. Bushtit
  10. Brown creeper
  11. American robin
  1. European starling
  2. Cedar waxwing
  3. Orange-crowned warbler
  4. Wilson's warbler
  5. Yellow-rumped warbler, Audubon race
  6. Spotted towhee
  7. Song sparrow
  8. Black-headed grosbeak
  9. House finch
  10. American goldfinch
  11. Lesser goldfinch (heard only)
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Most common birds today:
Vaux's swifts (18), followed by Song sparrows (12 seen, 3 more heard.)

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Highlights and of Interest:

  • Seeing one osprey head (adult) in the osprey nest in a tallish conifer near Aspen St. almost at the river.
  • Seeing 7 cormorants on a log in the river.
  • Seeing 2 mallards on the concrete cage in the water, at the boat landing a bit W of Aspen St.
  • Seeing 2 female buffleheads on the river.
  • Seeing 2 common mergansers resting on same log near the far bank.
  • Seeing approx. 18 swifts flying. No tails. "Cigars with wings", per one of the BOGS members.
  • Seeing a Brown creeper, fairly low, 4 feet off ground and going up a small tree.
  • Seeing a Brown creeper, fairly low, 4 feet off ground and going up a small tree.
  • Seeing 6 Cliff swallows at the Knickerbocker Bridge.
  • Seeing 9 nests with 2 Great blue herons near the nests, in the heron rookery along the N side of the river.

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