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Priscilla Sokolowski

Eugene, OR

Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


Bird photography

BOGS East Alton Baker Park,

June 28, 2018

The weather was clear and warm all morning. By 10:30 or so it was pretty hot in the sunny open meadow. As we usually find, the roadway through the trees offers plenty of birds. Second to that, the weeds going to seed provided patches of food for several varieties of finches; Goldfinch, Lesser Goldfinch and House Finch.

There were easy-to-see Fox dens a mere 50 feet from the roadway once we crossed the Millrace into the meadow area. A highlight of this trip for me was seeing a young Fox coming down the trail through the meadow behind us. Unfortunately our group was rather spread out, so it was not possible to get everyone's attention without scaring the Fox away, so many of our group didn't see the Fox. I did get a few photos in focus after it was running away.

I've made up a bird list for this walk from the birds photographed. Undoubtedly a few additional species were heard or seen but not photographed. I'm thinking for example we often hear and sometimes see Bewick's Wrens at this location. I'm not sure if we heard one this time, but I think we might have. Northern Flickers are often seen here too and someone may have seen one this time too.

  1. Canada Goose
  2. Osprey
  3. Turkey Vultures
  4. Mallard Duck
  5. Downy Woodpecker
  6. California Scrub Jay
  7. Brown Creeper
  8. Black-headed Grosbeak
  9. Spotted Towhee
  1. Western Wood Pewee
  2. Black-capped Chickadee
  3. Brown-headed Cowbird
  4. American Goldfinch
  5. Lesser Goldfinch
  6. House Finch
  7. Song Sparrow
DARK BROWN background