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Priscilla Sokolowski

Eugene, OR

Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


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Bird list Clearwater Landing
Thurs. 05-27-21, 9:00am. - 11:05am.
Weather: Light rain with a bit of wind, then drizzle,
then mostly cloudy. 54 to 56deg.
Leader: Steve Barron.

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From Eugene: Take 126 (South A) to 42nd St. Turn right (south) onto 42nd. (If coming from east of Springfield on 126: turn left (south) onto 42nd.) At the roundabout, take the 3rd roundabout exit (Jasper Rd., going E.) Go just 2 or 3 blocks, then R onto Clearwater Lane (going S.) Go almost to end and park in the parking lot at right. Restroom there. BOGS parks at this one. (Clearwater Landing is a few hundred feet further, with more parking on the left, at the landing.)

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A hearty Thank You to Chris Kilpatrick for taking some excellent photos on the Clearwater Landing bird walk. Don and I both (separately) drove east into Springfield and both turned around as it began to rain harder than we wanted to deal with. I guess it turned out that the rain let up and was merely a drizzle during the walk, but it sure didn't look like that as we were driving there.

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Where we walked today:
We started at Clearwater Landing, walked in the trees on various gravel paths to the NNE, then W, then to the S, then back to the landing.

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Bird list

  1. Mallard duck
  2. Wood duck
  3. Turkey vulture
  4. Osprey
  5. Bald eagle
  6. Mourning dove
  7. Hummingbird (?species)
  8. Downy woodpecker
  1. Red-shafted flicker - heard only
  2. Western wood peewee
  3. Warbling vireo
  4. California scrub jay
  5. Steller's jay
  6. Violet green swallow
  7. Tree swallow
  8. Black-capped chickadee - heard only
  9. Chestnut-backed chickadee
  10. Bushtit
  11. Swainson's thrush
  12. American robin
  1. Cedar waxwing
  2. Orange-crowned warbler - heard only
  3. Yellow warbler - heard only
  4. Common yellowthroat - heard only
  5. Western tanager
  6. Spotted towhee
  7. Song sparrow
  8. Black-headed grosbeak
  9. Brown-headed cowbird - heard only
  10. Bullock's oriole
  11. Lesser goldfinch
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  • Seeing and hearing a Swainson's thrush. Its sound was a thinnish upward spiral.
  • Hearing a Brown-headed cowbird by a stream; its sounds were: a few low, high squeaky sssip sounds (like slowed down bushtit sounds). One person also heard its warble sound.
  • A couple of folks saw a Song sparrow with worms in its beak.
  • Seeing a Cedar waxwing nest, made all of blueish-grayish-greenish lichen, about 10 feet up in a deciduous tree at the landing, just E of the gravel landing going down to the river. Two Cedar waxwings were going to and from their nest with lichens in their beaks. Chris from BOGS took a wonderful, brief video of them, which was sent out by Doris to the BOGS list. Thanks, Chris and Doris!
  • Two of our group saw, back at the landing, in their words: "a bald eagle chasing an osprey, which was fighting back so the eagle backed off."
  • Seeing a warbling vireo, low down on small trees at the edge of a stream by the landing.
  • Several people seeing tanagers, also seeing a grosbeak.

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