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Priscilla Sokolowski

Eugene, OR

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“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


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Bird list for walk at Alton Baker Park on Thursday, February 14, 2019.
Weather was continuous light to moderate rain.

  1. Double-crested cormorant
  2. Great blue heron
  3. Green heron
  4. Canada goose
  5. Mallard
  6. American wigeon
  7. Ring-necked duck
  8. Bufflehead
  9. Common merganser
  10. Hooded merganser
  11. Bald eagle
  12. Red-tailed hawk
  13. Glaucous-winged gull
  14. Rock pigeon
  15. Mourning dove
  16. Hummingbird (heard)
  17. Kingfisher (heard)
  1. Downy woodpecker
  2. Hairy woodpecker
  3. Northern flicker (heard)
  4. California scrub jay
  5. Steller’s jay
  6. American crow
  7. Common raven
  8. Brown creeper
  9. Golden-crowned kinglet
  10. Ruby-crowned kinglet
  11. American robin
  12. European starling
  13. Golden-crowned sparrow
  14. Dark-eyed junco
  15. Red-winged blackbird
  16. House finch
  17. Lesser goldfinch
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Trip summary by Don Laufer

Steve led a small group, less than a dozen, and there was a light to moderate rain falling most of the time. The walk started out with Janet Naylor pointing out where the new Eagle's nest is visible from the parking lot on the west side of the Campbell Center.

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We then proceeded along the Willamette to Alton Baker park, seeing both Ruby and Golden Crowned Kinglets, Hairy and Downy woodpeckers and Brown Creepers along the way.

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Things were pretty quiet until we got to the Great Blue Heron rookery next to the canoe canal. There were 8 or 9 herons on or near nests until a sub-adult Bald Eagle flew over and flushed most of them into the air.

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In and around the water we saw numbers of American Wigeons, Ring-necks, Mallards and the usual collection of domestic and hybrid ducks and geese.

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In the vicinity of the amphitheater we saw a Green Heron, some Buffleheads and a pair of Hooded Mergansers. There were many Crows, Ravens, Robins, Starlings and both Steller's and Scrub Jays in the park as well as numbers of House Finches and Northern Flickers. Song and Golden-crowned Sparrows were busy in the blackberries.

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On the way back to the Campbell Center we were able to observe a pair of Common Mergansers on the river and the female appeared to be trying to entice the male to mate with her without success.

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