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1. Basics:
BOGS is an eclectic group of people interested in learning about birds and general science topics. We meet every Thursday morning at the Willamalane Adult Activity Center at 215 W. C St., Springfield.
from September through May. The first and third Thursdays are lectures on birds or general science topics. The second, fourth are bird walks. The membership fee per quarter is $5.00. This goes to pay the honorarium for those making presentations for BOGS.

Formally, we have three Quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. During the Summer, some members informally continue to go birding together at least two Thursdays each month, depending on availability of volunteer leaders. In 2021 and 2022, Priscilla, Betsy and Janet have done most of the leading during the Summer. This website usually provides information about the destinations of the Summer trips a day or two in advance.
Registration is the first meeting of each quarter.
A potluck is held the last meeting of each quarter as an opportunity to get better acquainted.

2. Lectures:
Start at 9AM, end at 11AM.
Lectures are at Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 C Street, Springfield.
We start on time and try to keep our initial reports limited to 15 minutes, with the featured presentation beginning at 9:15 AM. There is a 10 minute break at 10 AM.

3. Bird Walks:
*** Bird walks are free and you do not have to be a member to go on bird walks. ***
The trip leader chooses where we will go birding and it will be announced in the weekly Tuesday email to BOGS members.
During the pandemic we meet at the birding location at 9am, and return by 12 Noon. Longer trips, which are rare, will be announced in advance.
Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.
Bring binoculars if you have them. A field guide to birds can also be very helpful.

Basic Etiquette for bird walks:
Stay behind the Leader and please do not leave the trail to get closer to a bird until everyone has had an opportunity to see it.
Stay in the front group with the leader and speak in soft voices if you want to get the most from your birding experience.
Scope use: look briefly and let others look, so that everyone gets to see.
If you wish to socialize, please drop back far enough so as not to disturb those more intent on birding.

4. POTLUCK:(The end-of-term potluck has been suspended during the Co-Vid pandemic)
Begins at 10 AM, ends at 12 Noon.
Potluck's provide an opportunity for us to get better acquainted, and celebrate the end of a quarter.
At the last lecture meeting each quarter there is a sign-up sheet on the back table.
You need to bring your own plate, utensils, napkin and drinking cup to help minimize our expenses to the Center.
Coffee and tea are provided, however, you are welcome to bring your own preferred beverage.
This is intended to be a relaxed, fun time, for eating together and socializing.

Questions about BOGS? EMAIL:

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DARK BROWN background

Questions about BOGS? EMAIL:

Generally if you want to know what is happening next at BOGS, or want to see the latest photos/reports,
you can find these on the HOME page: