provided by:

Priscilla Sokolowski

Eugene, OR

Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


Bird photography

BOGS Clearwater Landing,  5-11-17

& Finley Woodpecker Loop

Scroll down below the Clearwater Landing slideshow to see the Finley Woodpecker Loop slideshow. Both are included on one web page because each of these two have very few photos.

Bird List compiled by Priscilla

This is a partial Bird list for the Woodpecker Loop walk at Finley Wildlife Refuge on Thursday, June 22, Weather was comfortably cool at first, bright and sunny, warming slowly throughout the morning

  1. Great-blue heron
  2. Canada goose
  3. Turkey vulture
  4. Northern harrier - male at north prairiee overlook
  5. Red-tailed hawk
  6. Northern Flicker or Pileated woodpecker - heard
  7. Acorn Woodpecker
  8. California scrub jay
  9. American crow
  10. Common raven
  11. Black-capped chickadee
  12. Bewick’s wren
  1. American robin
  2. European starling
  3. Lazuli Bunting
  4. Orange-crowned warbler
  5. Wilson's Warbler
  6. Common yellowthroat (heard)
  7. Yellow-breasted Chat
  8. Western tanager - male and female
  9. Spotted towhee
  10. Pacific Slope Flycatcher (heard)
  11. Western Wood Peewee (heard)
  12. Song Sparrow

BOGS Finley Refuge, Woodpecker Loop

June 22, 2017