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Eugene, OR

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“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


Bird photography

BOGS Checkermallow, Jan 27, 2017

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The hawk on the light post was ID'd by Steve right away as an immature Harrier. After looking at it through scopes and a lot of consulting of field guides, Floyd and everyone else agreed that's probably what it was. Soon after we started walking closer a biker went blasting through us and sped on towards the hawk so I put the camera on it figuring it would fly away, which it did. Unfortunately it dove low and perpendicular to us and I lost it in the trees. The one flight picture I included shows the most of the wing surface.

I got separated from the main group at Checkmallow on the way back to the parking lot and didn't hear about the Great Horned Owl on the nest until we were riding back to the Campbell Center. I went back the next day ... and took some pictures of the owl from a closer vantage point in the housing tract just to the east of the area.