Bird Photography

Photos from personal trips
and special interest projects

provided by:
Priscilla Sokolowski
Eugene, OR
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American Avocets
Nesting in Western Oregon
June 16, 2014

Jody Fairchild, Marylee Sayre and I
walked out to the Barn Pond
at Fern Ridge Reservoir from 8:30 to 11:30
to see the nesting Avocets, and Blue-Winged Teal

Click here for Journal/Album
Corvallis Audubon
birding Finley Refuge
May 10, 2014

Four of us went on this
8am-Noon bird walk

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Finley Album
Great Horned Owl Nest
Delta Ponds
Jan - May, 2014
Detailed Journal
with Photos

Burns, Oregon,
April 11-13, 2014

Birds-of-Prey and Woodpecker tours
Plus some additional exploring

Festival Album
Favorite photos taken in the Eugene area,
Sept 2013 - April 2014

Potpourri Album

Beginning in January 2014, I made 8 trips
to Linn county to get some good photographs
of the Short-Eared Owls which were over-wintering there.
This album contains the best photos from those trips.
Short-Eared Owl Album
WOOD DUCK Photographic Study

This began with a question from Floyd: "Can you/one tell the sex of a juvenile Wood Duck? Since Wood Ducks have become far less afraid of people at the Delta Ponds along the river, and since their were four pairs of Wood Ducks raising families in the Spring and Summer of 2013, it was easy for me to take pictures of them several days a week.

My objective was to determine at what point the chicks/juvenile birds
first begin to show any markings which definitively indicate which sex they are.
Photo Album not uploaded yet
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Green Herons
at Delta Ponds
(Ponds along the river),
Summer 2013

That Summer, Green Herons were easily seen and photographed,
allowing me to study the plumage of the juvenile and adult birds through the months

Burrowing Owl

Overwintering in Halsey area, Dec 2013- end of Feb 2014
I went up to Linn County three times with various friends,
to see and photograph this bird