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Eugene, OR

Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


Bird photography

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Willamalane Malheur Refuge June 14, 2022 is in "TripsFestivals"

Willamalane Ankeny & Baskett Slough, May 17, 2022 is in "TripsFestivals"

Great Horned Owls: Newly fledged is in "OWLS"
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Winter 2020 - 2021: Six (combined) Raptor Trips is in "TripsFestivals"

Williamson's Sapsucker in Eugene, Jan 9, 2020, is in "Uncommon Migrants"

Oakridge CBC (w Great Gray Owl), Jan 4, 2020, is in "TRIPS AND FESTIVALS"

Green Heron eating Lamprey Larvae, Delta Ponds, July 2, 2019 is in "WILDLIFE"

***Birds of Eugene Area; Swallow Pond; Fisher Unit; Skinner Butte, May 4-7, 2019
*** West Eugene Spring Migration, April 26 & 28, 2019
*** Skinner Butte Warbler Migration, April 15 & 19, 2019
---- THESE ARE ALL IN "Solo and Small Group Birding - locally"

MAINE, Road Scholars; (ATLANTIC PUFFINS!), Aug 19-24, 2018, is in "Birding Trips, Events, or Festivals"

LAKEVIEW 3-day Birding with Floyd Weitzel, May 22-24, 2018, is in "Birding Trips, Events, or Festivals"

Red Foxes, Mar. 15, 2018, is in "WILDLIFE"

Diamond Hill Wetlands - Short-eared Owls - BEST YET!
Feb 9, 2018, is in "OWLS"

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Uncommon Migrants

Single Species (mostly)

Birding Trips, Events, or Festivals,

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Special Interest Projects

Bird Photos Posted to OBOL or eBIRD

Bird Photography Class Material

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Owls by Species
Date / Event Description Photo Album and sample photo



With all the trips I've made to photograph Short-eared Owls, I have come home with many photos which are too dark to see any detail except the profile of the flying bird. I realized these photos were good illustrations of the varying appearance of these Owls; especially showing how their flapping wings go so far up and so far down most of the time; and also how their wings look when gliding or hovering ...

Diamond Hill Wetlands
Short-eared Owls - BEST YET!
Feb 9, 2018

LaRue, Jennifer, Janet and I went to Diamond Hill around 4pm. The owls were starting to get active and stayed active until we left at 5:20

Diamond Hill Wetlands
Short-eared Owls
Feb 5, 2018

Don Laufer went out to Diamond Hill and took a lot of nice photos of the Owls doing all kinds of things.

Diamond Hill Owls, Feb 3, 2018

I drove out to several locations where Short-eared Owls have been reported; all of them near the Southern boundary of Linn County. One field with corn stubble looks promising. I ended my trip at Diamond Hill Wetlands and got some very nice photos of the Owls there in the last hour of daylight.

Photo album
Diamond Hill Owls, Jan 27, 2018

Jody, Mary and I went to the Willamette Valley bird Symposium today at OSU. On the way home we went to Diamond Hill wetlands and saw some short-eared owls. It was pretty dark out and I had to brighten the photos in post-processing because they were so dark; but some of these came out pretty nice. Time: 4:40pm to 5pm

Photo album
Diamond Hill Owls and RAPTORS along the way, Jan 17, 2018

This was my first research trip picking out roads for the BOGS Raptor Run scheduled for Jan 25. There are some nice close-ups of Hawks and Swans and even the Great Horned Owl nest on Awbrey. Ending up at Diamond Hill, where I watched Short-eared Owls skirmishing with each other. Some of the best photos I've taken of these Owls up close, so far.

Photo album
Diamond Hill Short-eared Owls, Mar 18, 2016

Janet Naylor, Jennifer Haynes and Priscilla went "Owling"
A Western Screech Owl was seen in S.E. Eugene (private residence)
A Short-eared Owl was seen at Diamond Hill Wetlands

Photo album
Short-eared Owls from eight trips in 2014

Beginning in January 2014, I made 8 trips
to Linn county to get some good photographs
of the Short-Eared Owls which were over-wintering there.
This album contains the best photos from those trips.

Short-Eared Owls
of Linn County


Great Horned Owl Fledglings, Mar. 2021

Lane County. I was fortunate to be given the location of these newly fledged Great Horned Owls and was able to find them one evening.

Report with photos

Great Horned Owlets
April 21, 2017

While this nest was very distant from any publicly accessible location, Don Laufer and I managed to get photos that revealed the number and size of the Owlets

Meadowlark Prairie - 3rd visit

Photo album
Great Horned Owlets
April 10, 2017

This photo set was taken by Don Laufer

Meadowlark Prairie - 2nd visit

Photo album
Great Horned Owlets
April 8, 2017

First photos of the Owlets in this nest!

Meadowlark Prairie - 1st visit

Photo album
Great Horned Owl Nest
Delta Ponds
Jan - May, 2014

Journal Report following Owlet progressing from hatching to fledging

Detailed Journal
with Photos


Skinner Butte, April 30, 2016

Seeing a report on OBOL Saturday morning, Janet and I went out to see and photograph the Barred Owl on Skinner Butte

Report & Photos
Uncommon Migrants
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Williamson's Sapsucker in Eugene, Jan 9, 2020

First found on the Christmas Bird Count Dec 29, 2019
This species is normally found in Eastern Oregon. It is rare to find one in Western Oregon.

Williamson's Sapsucker
Common Redpolls in Eugene, Jan 2, 2018

Two Common Redpolls at EWEB building in Eugene
First found on the Christmas Bird Count Dec 25, 2017

Common Redpolls
March 12, 2015
Lark Sparrow

Lark Sparrows are very uncommon in the Willamette Valley. We were fortunate to be alerted to one singing every day at Sheldon High School at the northwest corner of the athletic fields.

Lark Sparrow
March 27, 2014
Horned Grebe

Horned Grebes do not nest in the Willamette Valley. Even their migratory route is generally along the coast. None-the-less we do get a few migrating through the valley each year. These are rare opportunities to see one locally, in breeding plumage. This particular bird was at some distance.

Horned Grebe
Single Species (mostly)
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Mt Pisgah; Lewis's Woodpecker, Sept 22, 2017

Betsy and I found the Lewis's Woodpecker at Mt Pisgah
A Brown Creeper performed acrobatics 15 feet from us.

Lewis's Woodpecker & Brown Creeper
at Mt Pisgah
Swallow Pond (Eugene), April 23, 2016

Solitary Sandpiper; Long-billed Dowitcher; Least Sandpiper

Report & Photos
Fern Ridge April 18, 2016

Common Yellowthroat; Marsh Wren; N. Harrier

Report & Photos
Late October Osprey
Oct 28, 2014

At Delta Ponds in late October I saw an Osprey with a fish landing in a tree. It appeared to be a Bass. The Osprey took a good long time opening up the fish for eating. Here's a slideshow of 15 photos.

Northern Flickers
by Don Laufer, Oct, 2014

Don Laufer shared his great photos of Northern Flickers
feeding in Magnolia trees in Ruff Park in east Springfield.

Northern Flickers
Newport Peregrine Falcons
Aug 5, 2014

Jody Fairchild, Marylee Sayre and I
went to Newport. I photographed Peregrin Falcons, Whimbrels,
a few other shorebirds, and Purple Martins.

Photo Album
American Avocets
Nesting in Western Oregon
June 16, 2014

Jody Fairchild, Marylee Sayre and I
walked out to the Barn Pond
at Fern Ridge Reservoir from 8:30 to 11:30
to see the nesting Avocets, and Blue-Winged Teal

Photo Journal
Green Heron
Photographic Study
at Delta Ponds
Summer 2013

(Album re-done Oct 2016)
During the Summer of 2013, Green Herons were particulary easy to see and photograph at Delta Ponds along the bike path. This allowed me to study the plumage of the juvenile and adult birds through the months.
*** In the first 9 photos you will see their AMAZING shape changes! ***
The 10th through ~14 photos show side-by-side comparisons of juvenile and adult birds.

Adults have less streaking on sides of chestnut-colored neck. Juveniles have yellow/white spots on wings, and the yellow-white edges of the wing feathers are a little more pronounced.

Trips and Festivals
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Willamalane Malheur Refuge
June 14, 2022


Excellent Slideshow!
Willamalane Ankeny & Baskett Slough
May 17, 2022


Winter Raptors
(six trips combined photos)

I managed six Winter Raptor trips during the pandemic. We used two-way radios and drove separate cars. We had four cars twice, three cars twice,
sometimes one or two cars.

Oakridge CBC (w Great Gray Owl) Jan 4, 2020

Don Laufer volunteered on the Oakridge Christmas Bird Count this year and his group came across a Great Gray Owl. This bird was out in near Noon and remained visible for over an hour. There are other birds which Don photographed but this GG Owl photo set is exceptionally rare and fine!

MAINE, Road Scholars
ATLANTIC PUFFINS! Aug 19-24, 2018

Two full morning boat excursions, one to see Atlantic Puffins and another to survey the birds of the Head Harbor Passage near the US/Canadian border. The photos from the boat trips are in slideshow format. Two other full days of birding various hot spots in both US and Canada are represented by a scroll-through "trip report" format. Guides Doug Hitchcox, Naturalist for Audubon Maine, and Woody Gillies, an all-around wilderness and birding type guy.

LAKEVIEW 3-day Birding with Floyd Weitzel
May 22-24, 2018

Floyd Weitzel took over for Steve Barron, who is recuperating from knee surgery, to lead this trip through Willamalane Recreation Center. Retired Geomorphologist Karin Batis provided explanations of various geological formations and historical notes about places we saw.

Cabin Lake, Sept 9, 2016

Priscilla, Marylee and Jennifer went to Fort Rock and Cabin Lake for one day.
Huge numbers of Red Crossbills in all wild stages of molting!
Green-tailed Towhee, Ferruginous Hawks, Mountain Bluebird ...

Lakeview May 17-19, 2016

Three day birding trip to Central Oregon, led by Floyd Weitzel, through Willamalane

Trip Report
Lakeview May 17-19, 2016

Three day birding trip to Central Oregon, led by Floyd Weitzel, through Willamalane

Don Laufer's
Trip Photos
Day Trip Birding ANKENY and BASKETT SLOUGH with Floyd Weitzel
Jan 13, 2016

Floyd is still leading birding trips through Willamalane Senior Center
This one was a full day at two Wildlife Refuges up near Salem Oregon

Photo album
Row River Nature Park with Coast Fork Birders
Nov 7, 2015

BOGS member Nola Nelson, via Doris, sent out an invitation to bird with a Cottage Grove group called "Coast Fork Birders", loosely under the umbrella of the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council. Marylee and I (Priscilla) accepted the invite and had a nice time birding down there.

Photo album
Eastern Oregon: Cabin Lake, Fort Rock & Summer Lake
June 17-19, 2015

BOGS member Marylee did most of the planning and organizing for a three day Eastern Oregon birding trip taken by her, Jody, Jen, Mary and Priscilla. The place called "Cabin Lake" allows extremely close access to birds bathing and drinking from a cistern-fed dish a few feet in diameter.

Photo album
Klamath Falls with Floyd Weitzel
May 19-21, 2015

Floyd Weitzel arranged yet another great three day trip to Klamath Falls, through his Willamalane Birding Class. As usual he made this trip available to non-class members. Don Laufer took this entire marvelous set of photos, which includes many excellent close-ups!

Photo album
Yaquina Bay with Floyd Weitzel
Mar 16, 2015

Floyd Weitzel took his Willamalane Birding Class to the coast to view shorebirds. This Horned Grebe, a Burrowing Owl and Harlequin Ducks were some of the highlights. Don Laufer took this entire set of photos

Photo album
50th Anniversary Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 10, 2014

Four of us went on the 8am-Noon bird walk sponsored by the Corvallis Audubon Society: Birding Finley

Click here to read a Trip Report (This trip report is different from the slideshow found in the link in next column labeled "slideshow").

Burns, Oregon,
April 11-13, 2014

Birds-of-Prey and Woodpecker tours
Plus some additional exploring

Festival Album
Solo (and small group) birding
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Birds of Eugene Area; Swallow Pond; Fisher Unit; Skinner Butte
May 4-7, 2019

A collection of photos in places
around the Eugene area during early May,
by Priscilla and Don

West Eugene Spring Migration
April 26 & 28, 2019

Three of us, Janet Naylor, Jennifer Haynes and myself (Priscilla Sokolowski) went to the FISHER UNIT, WARREN SLOUGH, PERKINS PENINSULA and ROYAL AVE beginning at 8am on mornings. Highlights were Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Bullock's Oriole and a Western Bluebird.

Skinner Butte Warbler Migration
April 15 & 19, 2019

Three of us, Janet Naylor, Jennifer Haynes and myself (Priscilla Sokolowski) went to the top of Skinner Butte at 8am two mornings and saw a nice variety of Spring Warblers migrating through and to our area. HIghlights were Cassin's Vireos and Nashville Warblers. I had a good day getting Many very nice photos

Belts & Diamond Hill Rds,
Jan 26, 2018

Don Laufer and I re-drove some of the Raptor Run route the very next day after the BOGS trip. Nice photos of the Great Horned Owl nest on Awbrey; Videos of Dunlin flocks flying; Close-ups of Tundra Swans, a Western Meadowlark, an American Kestrel and a Red-tailed Hawk

Dunlin Flock in flight
Second video Dunlin Flock in flight

Springfield Ruff Park
Jan 19, 2018

Don Laufer got close to a Fox Sparrow and Pileated Woodpeckers and was able to get some VIDEO of each of them!

Fox Sparrow & Pileated Woodpecker
Fox Sparrow scratching for grubs
Pileated Woodpecker Slow-Motion

Springfield Millrace Birds
Sept. 9, 2017

I returned to the Millrace to photograph birds of September. Identified and photographed my first Black-throated Gray Warbler. Also, a Warbling Vireo; and lots of Goldfinches

Solo Millrace trip
Solo Trip, North of Eugene Airport, Oct 14, 2016

Stormy weekend: birding north of the airport back roads between storms

Short Trip Report
Solo Trip, North Delta Ponds, Sept 30, 2016

8am, one hour walk along North shore of Delta Ponds east of Goodpasture Is. Rd.
Bewicks Wrens, Wilsons Snipe, Common Bushtit, Greater Yellowlegs.

Wildlife; (non-birds)
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Green Heron eating Lamprey Larvae, Delta Ponds
July 2, 2019

Lampreys are known to use the Jasper Slough in Springfield and have also been found in Delta Ponds during fish-sampling projects in recent years
I came across this Green Heron feeding on Lamprey Lavae (called Ammocoetes) one morning around 9am
The Heron found and ate four of these in less than six minutes!

Web Page with links to photos
Red Foxes, Mar. 15, 2018

Foxes have been known to nest in a popular Eugene Oregon park at least since 2010. This year and last, many people have been seeing them out in morning and even mid-day sunlight.

A MUSKRAT, Aug 14, 2015

We do have Muskrats at Delta Ponds, though one rarely sees them. One day I saw one climb out of the water, which revealed its full-length keeled tail and partial webbing beween the toes of the hind feet. (Nutria have fully webbed hind feet). Muskrats are kind of small compared to adult Nutria or Beaver and they are even smaller than adult Mink. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full webpage of annotated photos.

Annotated photos page
Special Interest Projects
Date / Event Description & Sample Photo Photo Album
Wood Duck Iridescence
Oct 2 & Nov 11, 2014

When the Sun, the photographer and the bird are all lined up so the photographer is between Sun and bird, iridescence is maximized.
Nothing in the PNW matches the magnificent colorful brilliance of the male Wood Duck

Wood Ducks
Favorites Potpouri

Favorite photos taken in the Eugene area
Sept 2013 - April 2014

Potpourri Album
Lunar Eclipse
April 15-16, 2014

See the entire Lunar Eclipse sequence!
Although clouds began covering the sky before totality, I discovered my camera could photograph the eclipsed Moon through the clouds! Even when my eyes could not see the Moon at all, by setting the ISO to 6400, the increased light sensitivity could detect the copper-colored light of the eclipsed Moon through the clouds!

The exposure time of a photograph (and the aperture size) can be changed; in this case allowing the camera to show the dimmer, more subtle aspects of the moments when the Earth's shadow first begins to "bite" the edge of the Moon. Our eyes shut down too much to see these, because of all the bright light from the rest of the Moon.

Photo Album

For some photos, I changed the exposure time to feature the darker portion of the phenomenon; and for other photos I featured the brighter portions. But for most photos I stayed with a similar setting which best captured what was most interesting to see.

Because I could not keep the Moon centered in the camera field of view especially when I couldn't SEE the Moon, the slideshow is jumpy the Moon appears in a different portion of the frame in each picture.
I apologize for the jumpiness and hope you will enjoy what I was able to capture.

Bird Photos posted to OBOL or eBIRD
Bird Photos posted to OBOL and/or eBIRD

From time to time I go out and photograph a bird which is enough interest to report to eBird and/or OBOL. I add those photos to this particular file (webpage) every time I make another such posting.

Birds of Interest
Materials for Digital Photography Class
Basic Concepts of Digital Photography Understanding Exposure time, ISO, f-stop and more

Photo album
Canon SX50 dials and settings Some of the most important dials and settings of the Canon SX50 camera

Photo album

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