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“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


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BOGS Dorris Ranch)
Sept 5, 2019; Leader: Steve Barron

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Bird list for BOGS tree walk at Dorris Ranch, Thurs. 09-05-19, 9:20am-11:40am. Today we walked the east bike path from the Ranch’s east parking lot with a toilet building, going south to the river, then east along the river. Leader: Steve Barron. Weather: sunny, warmish to warm.
-compiled by Janet Naylor

Bird list: In Order of Appearance:

  1. Canada geese
  2. Mallard duck
  3. Common merganser (1 male)
  4. Pied-billed grebe
  5. Killdeer
  6. Greater yellowlegs
  7. Spotted sandpiper
  1. Belted kingfisher (heard)
  2. Red-tailed hawk
  3. Turkey vulture
  4. Acorn woodpecker
  5. Downy woodpecker (heard)
  6. Hairy woodpecker
  7. Red-shafted flicker
  8. Steller's jay
  9. Western scrub jay
  1. Vaux's swift
  2. Black-capped chickadee
  3. Brown creeper
  4. Cedar waxwing
  5. Common yellowthroat
  6. Spotted towhee
  7. Song sparrow
  8. Lesser goldfinch
  9. American goldfinch
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Seen by one person while away from the group:

  • Green heron
  • White-breasted nuthatch
  • Red-breasted sapsucker

Seen, not identified:

  • 1 unidentified accipiter, flying
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Items of interest::

  • 4 or 5 Brown creepers heard in one group of trees; one of them was also seen.
  • 5 Spotted sandpipers along a short patch of river, along with 2 Greater yellowlegs
  • 1 Killdeer on a rock in the river
  • 1 Pied-billed grebe
  • 4 Mallard ducks and 1 male Common merganser.
  • Quite a variety of water and shore birds over just a few hundred yards.

Identification Tips and Notes:

  • Spotted sandpipers have a white mark on the shoulder and bob their tails a lot.
    (No spots on their fronts this time of year.)
  • The Greater yellowlegs today kept calling a 4-note call. Sometimes they vary the number of notes, but not today.
  • The 3 Acorn woodpeckers were in a different location today, several hundred yards south of the oak groves near the east parking lot and toilet building, where we have seen them before.
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BOGS South Delta Ponds (along the river)
Sept 12, 2019; Leader: Priscilla Sokolowski

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Bird list for BOGS walk at south Delta Ponds, Thurs. 09-12-19, 9:20am-11:25am.
Weather: sunny, around 68-72 degrees.
Leader: Priscilla Sokolowski.
We walked west from the bike bridge south of Valley River Center along the river, then past several ponds and canals, ending at the big pond on the right.
-compiled by Janet Naylor

Bird list: In Order of Appearance:

  1. Canada goose
  2. Gadwall
  3. Mallard duck
  4. Northern shoveler
  5. Common merganser
  6. Pied billed grebe
  7. Double-crested cormorant
  8. Great blue heron
  9. Great egret
  1. Green heron
  2. Turkey vulture
  3. Osprey
  4. Killdeer
  5. Song sparrow (heard)
  6. Greater yellowlegs
  7. Lesser yellowlegs
  8. Mourning Dove
  9. Belted kingfisher
  10. Red-breasted sapsucker
  11. Downy woodpecker
  12. Hairy woodpecker (heard)
  1. Red-shafted flicker
  2. Black phoebe
  3. Scrub jay
  4. American crow
  5. Unidentified swallows
  6. Black-capped chickadee
  7. Brown creeper
  8. Bewick's wren
  9. European starling
  10. Cedar waxwing
  11. Western tanager
  12. Spotted towhee (heard)
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  • The osprey flying overhead with a fish in its talons.
  • The cormorant standing with a fish in its beak.
  • The raccoon that let us see it at a distance for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • The Great egret that chased a cormorant off a log, and that later itself got chased by a Great blue heron.
  • The 3 adult Gadwalls with 5 almost-grown young.
  • The kingfishers being noisy today.
  • The mink in the canal west of the beaver dam canal. (It was also there back on Labor Day.)
  • Four Red-breasted sapsuckers in the same tree.
  • Two Greater yellowlegs plus one Lesser Yellowlegs in a group with two Killdeer and a few Mallards.
  • Two Green herons, one an adult (rust-colored head) and the other a one-year-old Green heron (striped front, some rust), in different ponds.
  • The female Western tanager, at eye level and close enough to see details.
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Not birds:

  • 1 raccoon
  • 1 mink
  • a few unidentified large turtles
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BOGS Hendrick's Park
Sept 19, 2019;
Leader: Steve Barron

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Bird list for BOGS walk at Hendricks Park, Thurs. 09-19-19, 9:20am-11:20am.
Leader: Steve Barron.
Weather: mostly sunny at first, then it clouded over; 52-63 degrees, no wind. we walked north from the main shelter to the rhododendron garden, then south from the main shelter. on several forested roads.
-compiled by Janet Naylor

Bird list: In Order of Appearance:

  1. Turkey vulture
  2. Anna's hummingbird
  3. Downy woodpecker
  4. Northern flicker (heard)
  1. Steller's jay
  2. California (scrub) jay
  3. Black-capped chickadee
  4. Bush tit
  5. Brown creeper
  6. Bewick's wren
  1. Pacific wren
  2. Swainson's thrush
  3. Varied thrush (heard)
  4. American robin (heard).
  5. Spotted towhee
  6. Song sparrow
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  • Seeing the Swainson's thrush and hearing the Varied thrush.
  • Two large conifer trees with several Pileated woodpecker ant-feeding holes at the bottom, some recently used.
  • One large-ish snag with 3 oval Northern flicker nest holes in the top 3 feet; two had been used recently.
  • An Anna's hummingbird making several J dives with the brief Keek at the end as it pulled out of the dive.
  • A Dawn redwood and a Coast redwood, fairly close to each other.
  • Sunlight glistening on every leaf and water drops glowing like diamonds in the sun in the rhododendron garden, after the recent rain washed the plants and air free of dust.

Most common bird today: Song sparrows, at least 11 or 12, some singing.

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Not birds: Chipmunk.

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BOGS Oregon Country Fair Site
Sept 26, 2019;
Leader: Donna Albino

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Bird list for BOGS walk at Oregon Country Fair Site, Thurs. Sept 26, 9:25am-11:25am.
Weather: mostly cloudy, low 60s, no wind.
Leader: Donna Albino.
NOTE: This site is closed year-round to the public except during Oregon Country Fair.
BOGS had special permission to do today's guided tour.
Our thanks to Donna for arranging our tour with the Oregon Country Fair people.
-compiled by Janet Naylor

Bird list: In Order of Appearance:

  1. Turkey vulture
  2. Red-shouldered hawk (seen before the walk, and heard during it)
  3. Anna's hummingbird
  4. Red-breasted sapsucker
  1. Downy woodpecker
  2. Northern flicker (heard)
  3. Steller's jay
  4. Black-capped chickadee
  5. Red-breasted nuthatch (heard)
  6. Brown creeper
  7. Hermit thrush (two)
  1. American robin
  2. Black-throated gray warbler
  3. Townsend's warbler
  4. Wilson's warbler
  5. Spotted towhee
  6. Song sparrow (heard)
  7. Evening grosbeak (heard)
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  • The amazing Oregon Country Fair trees, booths, and sculptures.
  • Seeing (not just hearing) 2 Hermit thrushes.
  • Seeing 3 species of warbler: Black-throated gray warbler, Townsend's warbler, Wilson's warbler. (Black-throated gray may stay till end of September, Townsend's a few stay through the winter; Wilson's are supposed to be gone by mid-September)
  • A few mosquitos and some other small and large flying insects (winged ant, grasshoppers) were flying around this morning.
  • Chorus frog (heard only)
  • Lovely Oregon maple and other trees everywhere. Lots of moss on some of the trees.
  • The fair booths stay up year-round.One booth was made partly with living Vine maple saplings bent into shape and interwoven among various dead bent branches.

    Another booth had a 6-inch thick thatch of moss on the roof;
    inside we could see that some of the roof timbers had been recently replaced without disturbing the moss.
  • Bobcat prints (several lots in some mud; 5 ovals, no claw marks, the right size for a bobcat.)
  • Noticing that birds were making call notes, but not singing songs.

Most common bird today: Steller's jay, followed by Black-capped chickadee.

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Seen along W. 11th/Fern Ridge Reservoir, to and from site:
On the way there: 1 Great egret plus 13 either Western or Clark's grebes; couldn't tell driving at 55mph.
On the way back to town: 2 Great egrets plus 2 Great blue herons, but NO Western or Clark's grebes at all..

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