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— Doris Wimber’s bird walk list compilation  —

Birds seen on January 24,  3013

at Eastgate Woodlands Park at D street. We walked along the canal leading to Alton Baker Park.

Many thanks to Steve for organizing and leading these walks!

This list is probably incomplete, our group was very strung out and there were lots of birds.

1.Pied billed grebe

2. Double crested cormorant

3. Great blue heron

4. Canada goose

5. Mallard

6. Gadwall

7. Ring-necked duck

8. Lesser scaup

9. Bufflehead

10. Hooded merganser

11. Osprey

12. Spotted sandpiper

13. Gull

14. Kingfisher

15. Northern flicker

16. Downy woodpecker

17. Scrub jay

18. Black capped chickadee

19. Varied thrush

20. American robin

21. European starling

22. Song sparrow

23. White crowned sparrow

24. Golden crowned sparrow

25. Fox sparrow

26. Dark eyed junco

27. Red winged blackbird

28. American goldfinch

29. Pine siskin

30. Red crossbill

31. House finch