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Celeste Campbell Birds of Oregon and General Science group took a birding trip to Finley Wildlife Refuge

Thursday Feb 14. It was the first bright Sunny day we've had for a bird walk in quite a while.

Bluebirds, an immature Golden Eagle, and a Peregrin Falcon were SOME of the highlights.

Massive numbers of Geese and scenic views were enjoyed as well

Birds seen on Thursday, February 14, 2013, at Finley Wildlife Refuge.  The weather was warm, still and sunny.

 –- list compiled by Doris Wimber

1. Double crested cormorant (on Rte.99)

2. Great blue heron

3. Great egret

4. Canada goose

5. Cackling goose

6. Mallard

7. Green-winged teal

8. American wigeon

9. Northern pintail

10. Northern shoveler

11. Ring-necked duck

12. Turkey vulture (on Rte 99)

13. Northern harrier

14. Golden eagle (! Steve will have to tell everyone about this next Thursday!)

15. Bald eagle

16. Peregrin falcon

17. Red-tailed hawk

18. American kestral (many on wires along 99)

19. American coot

20. Killdeer

21. Wilson's snipe

22. Gull

23. Rock pigeon

24. Northern flicker

25. Downy woodpecker

26. Scrub jay

27. American crow

28. Horned lark

29. Tree swallow

30. Black-capped chickadee

31. Bushtits

32. White breasted nuthatch

33. Marsh wren (heard)

34. Western bluebird

35. Yellow-rumped warbler (probable)

36. American robin

37. European starling

38. Song sparrow

39.Golden crowned sparrow

40. Dark-eyed junco

41. Western meadowlark

42. Red-winged blackbird

43. Brewer's blackbird

44. Purple finch