Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)

of Celeste Campbell Center

Bird photography

Bird list for walk at Delta Ponds,

starting at the Valley River Center Foot Bridge,

9:15 a.m. October 24, 2013.

---- compiled by Doris Wimber ----

  Weather cool, dry, and cloudy with fog later in the morning.

1. Pied-billed grebe

2. Double crested cormorant

3. Great blue heron

4. Great egret

5. Greater white-fronted goose

6. Canada goose

7. Mallard

8. American wigeon

9. Northern shoveler

10. Wood duck

11. Gadwall

12. Green-winged teal

13. American coot

14. Killdeer (heard)

15. Anna's hummingbird

16. Belted kingfisher

17. Northern flicker

18. Steller's jay

19. American crow

20. Black-capped chickadee

21. White breasted nuthatch

22. Ruby-crowned kinglet

23. American robin

24. European starling

25. Cedar waxwing (and juveniles).  Nat. Geog. Guide states:  

            "Since this species usually nests late in summer,

               juvenile plumage is seen well into fall.")

26. Yellow-rumped warbler

27. Song sparrow

28. Fox sparrow