for Celeste Campbell Center of Eugene Oregon
Birds and General Science group (BOGS)

provided by:
Priscilla NamHari Kaur
Eugene, OR

BOGS bird walk, Jan 24, 2013, West D-street and Aspen (parking), in Springfield.
Also called "Eastgate Woodlands"

We hiked West on Pre's trail, then further NW along canoe channel (still Pre's Trail) to a pond.
A few caveats about my picture-taking on BOGS trips: I am not trying to document every bird sighting. I simply take some pictures as we go along, but I miss probably half to two-thirds of them because taking pictures often means not LOOKING at the bird with binoculars. Often it comes down to doing one or the other; looking at the bird or taking pictures of it.

Secondly, I don't always hear the group's consensus on the ID of every bird I photograph - so my captions will often be wrong. You can add comments below any individual picture in the Picassa album online to correct my ID, or you may email me to correct me about wrong bird IDs and I will update the caption. The best way might be to include the caption of the picture in question so I can find the right picture to fix. DO NOT USE THE "REPLY" BUTTON to contact me or all 61 people might get your email!! Instead; just begin a new email to:

Also, if anyone else takes pictures they would like for me to add to our trip albums, you can email the pictures to me. Just send them as they come out of the camera if you wish, and I will probably do some post-processing before uploading them to the album.

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