Compiled by Doris, for Celeste Campbell Center of Eugene Oregon
Birds and General Science group (BOGS)

web version provided by:
Priscilla NamHari Kaur
Eugene, OR

LIST OF BIRDS for BOGS bird walk at East Coyote Unit of Fern Ridge, Sept 26, 2013

Birds seen along K.R. Neilson and Cantrell Rds, south side of Fern Ridge Reservoir,
our main stops being at four ponds.

A warm sunny day, very little wind.

  1. White pelican
  2. Great blue heron
  3. Turkey vulture
  4. White tailed kite
  5. Northern harrier
  6. Red tailed hawk
  7. Cooper's hawk
  8. American kestrel
  9. Ring-necked pheasant
  10. Greater yellow-legs
  11. Wilson's snipe
  12. Barn swallow
  13. Violet-green swallow
  14. Belted kingfisher
  15. Black phoebe
  16. Scrub jay
  17. American crow
  18. Common raven
  19. Black-capped chickadee
  20. Spotted towhee
  21. Song sparrow
  22. Golden-crowned sparrow
  23. Savannah sparrow
  24. . Meadowlark
  25. Red-winged blackbird
  26. Housefinch (Purple finch?)
  27. American Goldfinch