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Priscilla Sokolowski

Eugene, OR

Photos from personal trips  AND trips with

“Birds of Oregon and General Science” (BOGS)


Bird photography

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BOGS (Birds of Oregon and General Science)

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Questions about BOGS? EMAIL:

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The Campbell Center is located at 2nd and High Street, Eugene, OR, right near Skinner Butte Park, very near to the Willamette River, Click here for a map showing location of Celeste Campbell Center

We have presentations by speakers on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. The presentations cover a wide range of science-related topics. These ususally run from 9-11am at Celeste Campbell Center.
*(The one exception to the 9am starting time on presentation days, (ie 1st and 3rd Thursdays), is the end-of-term Potluck,which begins at 10am)

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Bird Walks
Our bird walks are led by Steve Barron. We meet before 9am to arrange car-pooling and drive to our destinations. Once there, we usually walk for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and get back to Campbell Center around 11:30. Some destinations are further away, such as Finley Refuge and Elijah Bristow Park, so our return might be Noon or even as late as 1:00pm. Usually at least some people want to get back earlier so they arrange to ride together in one car. Trips with later return times are always announced as such ahead of time.

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The First few BOGS EVENTS, WINTER TERM, 2018

To see the *** TENTATIVE *** full term schedule click HERE

From other pages of this web site, to get to the term schedule, move your mouse to (or on a phone or tablet, TOUCH) the "HOME" button at the left end of the black navigation bar near the top of the page and then click on (or touch) "TERM CALENDAR" - which is the top item in the drop down menu

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PRESENTATION: Jan 18, 2018
Local birders Jim Regali and Kit Larson will present “Birds of Costa Rica".
We will begin by registering for the term, which costs $5.00. This money goes to paying to rent the meeting room at the Campbell Center and to pay speakers an honorarium.
More information about BOGS practices can be found here: Practices and Protocols

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Jan 25, 2018: Possible Diamond Hill area trip
Led by Steve Barron; 9am - 11:30
This trip is being considered and discussed as a possibility, partly because there are Short-eared Owls at this location in larger numbers this Winter. Parking is almost non-existent and the owls are rarely seen before late afternoon, so we'll see. Perhaps we'll do a raptor run from the town of Coburg up to Hwy 228, then east of I-5 and south through the sheep farms in that area and include Diamond Hill near the end.

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PRESENTATION: Feb 1, 2018:
"Dr. Greg Retallack, from the U.of O. Geology Dept. will present
“Oregon 2100 Project - What Oregon Might Look Like in 2100”
(based on fossil evidence and climate changes.)

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(both BOGS and non-BOGS)
Most recent additions are nearer to top; ie; not in chronological order

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THE LATEST BIRDS REPORTED to eBIRD in the Southern Willamette Valley and the Central Coast

There is now a STATEWIDE RARITIES widget,
as well as a REGIONAL RARITIES widget (covering 40 miles around Eugene).
There are also widgets covering:

  1. A circle surrounding the Finley Wildlife Refuge area
  2. A circle covering the Southern Willamette Valley
  3. NEW ADDITIONS are four widgets covering Florence, Yachats, Waldport and Newport!

Most eBird data provides only confirmed sightings, but a rare bird might not stick around as long as it takes for a report to be confirmed by local eBird reviewers. The two RARITIES widgets near the top of the page give the quickest public access to reports of such sightings.

CLICK HERE for the webpage for RARE and RECENT BIRD sightings.

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Jan 2013 - Present

ALL Non-BOGS SLIDESHOWS from Trips, Festivals, Projects


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About the thumbnail photos:
The rows of thumbnail-sized photos adorning the home page are some of my best photos or else some of my most interesting. Most of them were taken on non-BOGS birding outings. If you click on a thumbnail it will give you a full screen view of the image. Use the back button/arrow on your browser to return to the home page.

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