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2nd Thursday, Aug 9, BOGS BIRDWALK, SUMMER, 2018

Thursday, Aug 9, 2018
Destination to be decided when we meet that morning.

Temperatures are expected to reach around 75 by 10am and 99 by late afternoon.
I, Priscilla, might not go along on this bird-walk; or if I do, I will probably head home before 10am. That doesn't mean anyone else has to stop early, however.

Those of us who went to Zumwalt Park on Thursday July 26, talked about going to Elijah Bristow Park on Aug 9, but we made no firm plan to do so. Bristow has been popular with Summer BOGS birders because of the many trails through wooded and more open sections. A Cascara bush bears fruit in August and makes for a "hotspot" which is popular with many species of birds. Those who have been with us at Bristow in past Summers will be able to find it. (It is a maybe 100 yds along a trail heading WEST from the drive-in road, and running along the south side of the small creek. When driving into the park, one crosses the much larger Lost Creek before coming to the smaller one)

Meet at Campbell Center parking lot 10 minutes before 8am. Those present will decide where they want to go birding.

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August 16 and Aug 23 Birdwalks:

Both Jody and I will be in the state of Maine during both of these dates. Please feel free to show up at Campbell Center before 8 to meet with others to decide where you wish to go birding. Remember there is a full list of locations e've been to, a little further down this page

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From September through May, We have presentations by speakers on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, (and bird walks on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the months from Sept - May). The presentations during the academic year cover a wide range of science-related topics. Presentations and bird walks during those months run from 9-11am
*(The exception to the 9am starting time for presentations is the end-of-term Potluck, which begins at 10am and runs until Noon)

Bird Walks
From September through May, our bird walks are led by Steve Barron. We meet inside the Campbell Center before 9am to arrange car-pooling and drive to our destinations. Once there, we usually walk for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and get back to Campbell Center around 11:30. Some destinations are further away, such as Finley Refuge and Elijah Bristow Park, so our return might be Noon or even as late as 1:00pm. Usually at least some people want to get back earlier so they arrange to ride together in one (or two) car(s). Trips with later return times are always announced as such ahead of time.

For the last few years we have been continuing Bird Walks through the Summer months. For Summer 2018, we will bird on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays but we begin at 8am instead of 9am. We bird until 11 or 12 Noon during Summer months. IN ADDITION, at the end of a regularly scheduled walk, if enough members wish to go birding the next week (on a 1st or 3rd Thursday), I will post that on this page in the section titled "Next Bird Walk" further down.

The Campbell Center is located at 2nd and High Street, Eugene, OR, right near Skinner Butte Park, very near to the Willamette River. Presentations are inside the bldg. For Bird Walks, during Sept-May, meet inside before 9am. During SUMMER MONTHS meet in the PARKING LOT in front of the bldg to plan the location and car-pooling. Click here for a map showing location of Celeste Campbell Center

BIRDING RESOURCES - other group bird walks, Oregon online Birding site guides etc

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General Information about Summer Birding 2018

Our Summer birding program is informal and less structured.
Doris announced that we will go birding on 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays as we do the rest of the year. Anyone interested in birding should meet 10 minutes before 8am at the Campbell Center parking lot and the group members will then decide amongst themselves where to go birding that day and arrange car-pooling. I will usually have up-to-date information as to what birds have been recently reported at various local sites. We can use that information to help us make a decision where to go.

Doris has sent out by email, a composite list of all the places Steve Barron has taken us, as well as additional places we have gone in previous Summers. This list can be seen further down.

While I (Priscilla) will probably be there most Thursdays, I am not promising to be there EVERY Thursday. Jody will attend some of the bird walks, but she also will not always be there. When neither Jody nor I are there, the group can choose a place to go from the list of BOGS birding locations which were provided by Doris (by email), and which appears below.

What about birding EVERY Thursday?
Here is how we are handling this. During our bird walks, we can check in with each other to see if there is enough interest to have a bird walk the following week (on a 1st or 3rd Thursday). If a half-dozen or so people are interested in doing that, I will post on this page that we will be going birding on the next Thursday, so others can find out too.

Here is a list of places BOGS has gone birding in the past

  1. Delta Ponds at the Valley River Center Bike Bridge
  2. North Delta Ponds area - with parking on Goodpasture Island Road.
  3. Fern Ridge Reservoir at the end of Royal Ave. (park on road unless you have a permit from Fish and Wildlife),
  4. Perkins Peninsula off West 11th, with the Cantrell Rd. addition
  5. Kirk Pond, at the base of Fern Ridge Dam and nearby park area.
  6. Mt. Pisgah arboretum, note parking permits very important here, day passes can be purchased at the parking area.
  7. Golden Gardens, take Barger Dr. off 99, then right at Golden Gardens St., (just past Beltline) to end of road.
  8. EWEB Wetlands, west side of EWEB building off Roosevelt, between Beltline and Bertelson.
  9. Millrace bicycle path in Springfield.
  10. Dorris Ranch
  11. Clearwater Landing
  12. Alton Baker Park - walking from Campbell Center.
  13. East Alton Baker Park, access by walking south on utility road east of Auzen Stadium and east of BMX track
  14. Skinner’s Butte - walking from Campbell Center.
  15. Heron Park, at Aspen and D street in Springfield
  16. Checkermallow Access to Meadowlark Prairie: (on Royal Ave, east of Greenhill Rd).
  17. Halsey Raptor run, a car tour through areas northeast of Eugene.
  18. Stewart Pond, off Bertelson on Stewart Rd.
  19. Hileman County Park, 2.5 miles north of Beltline turn right on E Beacon. At junction turn left on Hileman Ln
  20. Elijah Bristow State Park, off Hywy 58, between Trent and Dexter
  21. Zumwalt County Park, Vista Dr., Veneta
  22. Riverbend Hospital. The south end of the building has trails in a shady, very nice area for hot weather.

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BOGS member Lee Farren painted the image displayed here from a photograph I took near Warner Wetlands on the Lakeview Trip, May 2018

To see it nearly twice as large, click on the image at right, then click on the image that opens.

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(both BOGS and non-BOGS)
Most recent additions are nearer to top; ie; not in chronological order

Photo-Blog Last updated: April 2, 2018
I have a lot more to add to this blog but have not had time to do that yet. This Photo-Blog listing will remain here at the top of the list latest additions to the website I will display the date of most recent update of the Photo-Blog. The content will be photos not seen in slideshows or trip reports. When only a few good photos are taken they do not warrant a dedicated slideshow page but may deserve to be seen. I will put those in this photo-blog.
Gadwall male

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Back in February or April, the folks who do the computer programming at Cornell's website, re-did much of the website. While their work made improvements, especially in the ease of use by smartphones, one unfortunate result is that the widgets by BirdTrax, which use eBird data, no longer function. This will probably be a permanent state of affairs, so I have removed the widgets from the "Recent Sightings" page of this website. I still have a frame with working links from the site, so plenty of information can still be gleaned that way.

RECENT SIGHTINGS reported to eBIRD for Lane County

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Jan 2013 - Present

ALL Non-BOGS SLIDESHOWS from Trips, Festivals, Projects


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About the thumbnail photos:
The rows of thumbnail-sized photos adorning the home page are some of my best photos or else some of my most interesting. Most of them were taken on non-BOGS birding outings. If you click on a thumbnail it will give you a full screen view of the image. Use the back button/arrow on your browser to return to the home page.

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