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BOGS (Birds of Oregon and General Science)

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Jody and Priscilla will facilitate Summer bird walks on 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays through the Summer. These walks will begin at 8am. Since the Campbell Center opens at 8:30am, we will meet in the parking lot in front of the building at 8am

Destinations will be chosen by the group at the time we meet for the walk (at 8am). If there has been some recent bird activity of special interest posted on OBOL, or displayed in eBird, that information will be posted here before the morning of the walk.

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Thursday, June 22, at 8am Finley Wildlife Refuge: Woodpecker Loop
Target Species: Yellow-breasted Chat

we did this walk last year in late June and were successful at hearing numerous chats. Some folks got a glimpse of one as well. (This species is not easily seen).
Twenty five species of birds were reported to eBird from this location on June 5, including Pacific Coast Flycatcher, Black-throated Gray Warbler, and Lazuli Buntings. In any case, if we do not find Chats on this trail they have also been reported from several other locations at Finley so we could try to chase one down based on details of those reports. (For example, one was near the Cabell Marsh overlook).

If you drive to Finley on your own, our rendezvous location will be the parking lot of the store/gas station at BRUCE ROAD where it intersects Hwy 99W. TIME: probably between 8:40 and 9:00am.
From there we will drive north on Hwy99W until we get to Finley Rd, at which point we will turn left and drive almost all the way to headquarters. There is a turn-off on the right side of the road for the Woodpecker Loop trail.

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June 29:
Private Residence of Carolyn Nielsen, up the McKenzie, past Vida

Parking is extremely limited so carpooling is ESSENTIAL. Either car pool or be prepared to leave your vehicle at some public location along Hwy 126.

Proceed east on 126 about 22 miles until you come to the Goodpasture (covered) Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right at the first opportunity, which is Leashore Drive. It is the 8th house on the right , a green house on a lot that is lower than the road.

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(both BOGS and non-BOGS)

BOGS Perkins Peninsula
April 27, 2017
Golden-crowned Sparrow. Photo by Sat Nam Singh

Checkermallow Owlets 3
Photos taken by Priscilla, April 21, 2017
Adult Owl. Photo by Priscilla

BOGS Alton Baker Park
April 13, 2017
American Kestrel. Photo by Priscilla

Checkermallow Owlets
Photos taken April 10, 2017 by Don Laufer

Young Owl in nest. Photo by Don Laufer

Checkermallow Great Horned Owl Nest
Photos taken April 8, 2017
Those of you who were on the BOGS walk the day this nest was first seen, (Jan 27 at Checkermallow), know how far away the nest is from any public access location. Using a spotting scope and the 50X of my Canon SX50, I was able to see that there are THREE babies in the nest, about 4 or 5 weeks old.
Young Owlets in nest. Photo by Priscilla

I am working on a full trip report
for the new Springfield Millrace Trail.
I went back Thurs Mar 16 when the lighting was much better and took photos providing some wide angle views of Jasper Slough, the Millrace itself as well as pics of Northwestern Turtles, a Black Phoebe, Hooded Mergansers, and Ring-necked Ducks.
I will upload this hopefully by Thurs, March 23. (posted March 17)

BOGS Late Photo Additions:
March 31, 2017
While these photos have been added to the slideshows to which they belong, some of you may have viewed those before they were added.
Red-spotted Garter Snake (thamnophus sirtalis concinnus)

BOGS North Delta Ponds
March 9, 2017
Great Blue Heron standing in nest

BOGS Stewart Pond
March 2, 2017

Dunlin photo by Sat Nam Singh

BOGS Skinner Butte
March 30, 2017
Red-breasted Sapsucker by Don Laufer

BOGS Finley Wildlife Refuge
Mar 23, 2017
Rufous Hummingbird by Don Laufer

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I am excited to report that the BIRDTRAX widgets
have been restored to full functionality!!

There is now a STATEWIDE RARITIES widget,
as well as a REGIONAL RARITIES (within 40 miles).
As before, there are also widgets covering from Albany in the north to Oakridge to the south.

Most eBird data provides only confirmed sightings, but a rare bird might not stick around as long as it takes for a report to be confirmed by local eBird reviewers. This widget gives the quickest public access to reports of such sightings.

CLICK HERE for the RARE and RECENT BIRD sightings.

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Jan 2013 - Present

ALL Non-BOGS SLIDESHOWS from Trips, Festivals, Projects


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About the thumbnail photos:
The rows of thumbnail-sized photos adorning the home page are some of my best photos or else some of my most interesting. Most of them were taken on non-BOGS birding outings. If you click on a thumbnail it will give you a full screen view of the image. Use the back button/arrow on your browser to return to the home page.

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