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Thursday, Jan 24, 2019: Bird Walk - led by Steve Barron

DESTINATION: Heron Park on West D St in Springfield
Steve will lead us downstream along the banks of the millrace (west).

We meet inside the Campbell Center before 9am to arrange car-pooling and drive to our destination, planning to be back by noon.

Raptor ID Mini-Tutorials
Friday, Jan 25, 3-4pm;
Monday Jan 28, 4:30-5:30 (same content as Fridays)
LOCATION: Elsie's room at the Campbell Center.

BOGS member Jennifer Haynes will conduct two (identical) 45 minute sessions about identifying raptors, especially at a distance and/or in flight. How to tell Accipter from Buteo; Cooper's Hawk from Sharp-shinned Hawk and related issues; including the "g.i.s.s" approach (general impression of size and shape).
Jennifer had training in Raptor identification when she volunteered for Hawk Migration watches in California

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Thursday, January 31: Raptor Run #2 - led by Priscilla Sokolowski

Tentative Plan: Drive up I-5 to Hwy 228. West to Halsey, and begin birding there, heading further north into Linn County. We will drive the route shown on the Halsey-to-Tangent map:
Click here for Halsey-Tangent map
(We used this map on the Raptor Run of Nov 30 (2018) but did not have time for section "3").

Driving up I-5 will give us more time in those "Raptor-dense" grasslands of Linn County and the roads marked "3" on the above mentioned map. Click on the underlined link (the words "Halsey-Tangent map" above) to view it. Click on the map to enlarge it or right-click on it to download it.
The final plan for this Raptor Run route will depend on what is being seen (and where) during Jan2 5-Jan 30, but I'm expecting it will remain as I have just described it.

We will have eight working radios which this time will be able to speak back and forth to each other.

LUNCH: There will be a no-host lunch at Novak's Hungarian Restaurant in Albany after the Raptor Run.
ADDRESS: 208 SW 2nd.
We will drive there and arrive around 3:30, at the latest. They have an all you can eat buffet which ends at 4:00.

As we conclude the Raptor Run portion of the day, we will most likely re-visit the restrooms at the south end of Halsey. From there we will drive north on Hwy99E for about 20 minutes of easy driving, all the way into old town Albany. Novaks does provide a map on their website but you might find the following written instructions helpful.
As we get into more of a business area along Hwy99E into town, there is one tricky turn involved. We will come to a stoplight at 12th street. Get into the right lane and a short distance later there is a green sign: "CITY CENTER "20"/CORVALLIS" (right lane). Take this lane. It will veer to the left and pass under Hwy99E. Then it will veer to the right and merge with a city-sized street which is actually Hwy20 North. Drive about 1/2 mile and turn left on 3rd Ave. Drive 3 blocks to S.W. Ferry Street and turn right on SW Ferry.
Park in the mini-mall parking lot between 2nd and 3rd on SW Ferry
You can enter the parking lot from Ferry or from 2nd.
To get to Novaks from the parking lot, drive or walk 1-1/2 short blocks east on 2nd. (Just before the stoplight).

I find the easiest and I think quickest way out of Albany is to take Hwy20 South. Novaks is two stores from the turn onto Hwy20 South. Hwy20 South will simply merge onto Hwy99E (much easier than the way we got onto Hwy 20 North on the way into town).
Take Hwy99E all the way to Hwy 34 - about 6 miles. Take the ramp to get onto Hwy34 east to I-5 and in about 2 miles take the ramp onto I-5 South and proceed to Eugene.
(This route out of Albany avoids a few miles of congested driving through the busier newer section of Albany on the way to the Freeway.)

Novak's Hungarian Restaurant is a much-loved family owned and operated restaurant created by a family which escaped from Hungary by an illegal border-crossing during the night. This was in the 1950s.
The food is authentic Hunagarian food and is excellent. The meats used are lean and very flavorfull.
Learn more at their website: WEBSITE

I will need to know how many people are planning to attend the lunch at Novaks before Wednesday Jan 30.
There is a sign-up sheet at the front desk of the Campbell Center. It will be there until Wednesday morning Jan 30.

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From September through May, We have presentations by speakers on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, (and bird walks on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the months from Sept - May). The presentations during the academic year cover a wide range of science-related topics. Presentations and bird walks during those months run from 9-11am
*(The exception to the 9am starting time for presentations is the end-of-term Potluck, which begins at 10am and runs until Noon)

Bird Walks
From September through May, our bird walks are led by Steve Barron. We meet inside the Campbell Center before 9am to arrange car-pooling and drive to our destinations. Once there, we usually walk for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and get back to Campbell Center around 11:30. Some destinations are further away, such as Finley Refuge and Elijah Bristow Park, so our return might be Noon or even as late as 1:00pm. Usually at least some people want to get back earlier so they arrange to ride together in one (or two) car(s). Trips with later return times are always announced as such ahead of time.

The Campbell Center is located at 2nd and High Street, Eugene, OR, right near Skinner Butte Park, very near to the Willamette River. Presentations are inside the bldg. For Bird Walks, during Sept-May, meet inside before 9am. During SUMMER MONTHS meet in the PARKING LOT in front of the bldg to plan the location and car-pooling. Click here for a map showing location of Celeste Campbell Center

BIRDING RESOURCES - other group bird walks, Oregon online Birding site guides etc

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(both BOGS and non-BOGS)
Most recent additions are nearer to top; ie; not in chronological order

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Winter Raptors of the Southern Willamette Valley
A mini-tutorial

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BOGS Delta Ponds along bike path
Jan 10, 2019_

Downy Woodpecker. Photo by Priscilla

BOGS Meadowlark Prairie (Checkermallow) TRIP REPORT, Nov 8, 2018
Nov. 8, 2018_

Rough-legged Hawk - photo by Priscilla

BOGS Meadowlark Prairie (Checkermallow) SLIDESHOW,
Date: Nov 8, 2018

Belted Kingfisher - photo by Don Laufer

Kirk Pond - led by Floyd Weitzel_
Oct 25, 2018

Great Egret - photo by Don Laufer

Clearwater Landing_
Oct 11, 2018

Spotted Towhee - photo by Don Laufer

Fern Ridge (Royal)
Sept 27, 2018

American Pipit- photo by Priscilla

BOGS first Fall bird walk. Delta Ponds along the river
Sept 13, 2018


ROAD SCHOLAR TRIP TO MAINE: "A Birder's Dream; Birding Down East Maine"
Aug 19-24, 2018
This first page is a slideshow to Monday's Machias Seal Island (10 miles out to Sea) where Atlantic Puffins were very approachable
Jody took some fantastic photographs there!
There are also links to the rest of our trip for Tues-Thurs. but you can access that page separately (see below).

Atlantic Puffin - photo by Jody Fairchild

ROAD SCHOLAR TRIP TO MAINE: "A Birder's Dream; Birding Down East Maine" - PART 2
Aug 19-24, 2018

This webpage has everything else after the Puffin Boat trip we did on Monday.
It ends with another boat trip out to Head Harbor Passage where tides range 16 feet and whales and gulls congregate to feed on shrimp and krill caught up in massive currents and upwelling waters.

Minke Whale

ANNUAL SLIDESHOW, Best Photos, Sept 2017 to Sept 2018
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - photo by Don Laufer

BOGS Alton Baker Park,
Aug 30, 2018

MINK! - photo by Priscilla

BOGS Zumwalt County Park
Aug 2, 2018

Western Grebe with babies riding on her back - photo by Priscilla

BOGS Fern Ridge Royal
July 26, 2018

Juvenile Robin - photo by Priscilla

Riverbend Hospital Trails
July 12, 2018

Baby Robin calling for food - photo by Priscilla

Kirk Park (below Fern Ridge dam)
July 5, 2018

Violet Green Swallow - photo by Don Laufer
River Otter - photo by Priscilla

East Alton Baker Park (Whilamut Natural Area)
June 28, 2018

Brown Creeper - photo by Priscilla

Mt Pisgah Arboretum - First Summer 2018 Bird Walk. The action was HOT!!
June 14, 2018

Male Bullock's Oriole feeding young. Photo by Don Laufer

LAKEVIEW 3-day Birding Trip
May 22-24, 2018

(TWO PHOTO SETS!! One by Priscilla and one by Don Laufer)

Black-crowned Night Heron, photo by Priscilla

BOGS Perkins Peninsula
May 10, 2018

Acorn Wooddpecker - photo by Priscilla

BOGS Golden Gardens; trip report and photos by Don Laufer
April 26, 2018

Killdeer; photo by Don Laufer

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Back in February or April, the folks who do the computer programming at Cornell's website, re-did much of the website. While their work made improvements, especially in the ease of use by smartphones, one unfortunate result is that the widgets by BirdTrax, which use eBird data, no longer function. This will probably be a permanent state of affairs, so I have removed the widgets from the "Recent Sightings" page of this website. I still have a frame with working links from the site, so plenty of information can still be gleaned that way.

RECENT SIGHTINGS reported to eBIRD for Lane County

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Jan 2013 - Present

ALL Non-BOGS SLIDESHOWS from Trips, Festivals, Projects


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About the thumbnail photos:
The rows of thumbnail-sized photos adorning the home page are some of my best photos or else some of my most interesting. Most of them were taken on non-BOGS birding outings. If you click on a thumbnail it will give you a full screen view of the image. Use the back button/arrow on your browser to return to the home page.

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